First winter snow. It's too much of it; it looks beautiful, but power wires are broken, today we shall live without electricity

The rut period is over, but still it is necessary to check the harem

The oatmeal is ready

Waiting for the breakfast.

Dispensation of oatmeal is not an easy work during a ringing frost

Oatmeal is the best food in the world.

Aspen bark is a tasty food, too,

but now - lop again

After a heavy snowfall.

'Would you be so kind as to give me a piece of bread?'

Give them some carrot or bread like we do

Don't try to repeat!

Play with them on the thin ice (if you want)

A domestic moose must be bridle-wise, but... is necessary

The road to the wood-cutting area

Moose are not afraid of man here; they can cross open fields in the daytime

This moose came to a wood-felling place from the forest

The farm workers debark stems

Moose eat bark and branches

Food given by hands is preferred

At the wood-felling area

At the wood-felling area

Free-ranging moose come to a wood-cutting places too, sometimes

A photo for a keepsake

Time for bed: moose feel comfortable in the snowdrifts because fleecy snow protects from the frost