In the early autumn moose cows prefer to graze clover fields

Young calves like to spend days in fields, too

Clover is their preferred food

Salt with mineral supplements is given ad libitum

The calves weighing over 100 kg, are ready for winter cold

No flies, no gnats, no hunters: idyl days

Only scientists disturb occasionally.

Can you do anything like this?

To the night pastures

Only domestic moose can spend daytime in an open field

The less food in the forest, the more food in hands

She likes chocolates

There are ten farm moose and one wild on this field near the farm (view from a laboratory window)

Moose do not eat hay

Luchik was 7 years old when this photo was taken

The moose cow noticed the buck near the milking shed

In the autumn mushrooming people can see moose in couples

During the rut period a male moose sometimes follows a female for over a week - and waits, defending her from other pretenders

Fight through a fence is absolutely harmless

Wild males come closer to the farm during the rut period

A wild male

Wild males are larger and older than domestic ones; they hang around the farm during the rut period

A flehmen reaction is a kind of chemical analysis. The buck found the cow's urine and must find out if she is ready for coupling

Domestic females love wild bucks more than smaller farm moose males

The evening near the farm

They met in the early morning...

and came to the farm together

The male may enter the milking shed

He will wait patiently while milking

Inside the milking shed

Observation conditions are the best if animals do not pay attention to scientists' work

It is possible to clean domestic Luchik from parasites

And this is a threat. Moose requires me to move to a distance

The younger must grow up before pretending

Male will wait cow to be ready for coupling

Do not disturb them now

Only a domestic male can refresh himself with a bucket of oatmeal after rendezvous

The farm doors are too narrow for his antlers

Adult and young

Calves are playing. Fight for females is in the future

Did you bring me some carrot?

What a pity! Only guided tours...

Push again, the motor almost started!

After the milking period is over, the most of moose cows prefer to spend the autumn near the farm...

...but Nilashka likes the Governor's countryhouse near Volga. We try to return her home

As a rule, cows follow their milkmaids. To cross the Poksha river as quick as possible, we must run over the bridge

We have just replaced the GPS collar

Autumn fog

Landscape at dawn

Landscape at dawn

Take a bus in the early morning (if you can...) and visit the moose farm

Touch a wonderful animal like we use to do