A typical landscape near Kostroma. It looks like Moscow region before start of mass cottage building

Milch moose are free

In the late spring and early summer a milkmaid should invite a moose cow for milking sometimes

Milch moose at pastures

Water plants are eatable, too

A view from the laboratory window

A milch moose approaching the farm

If all the gates are close, moose cow can enter the enclosure through so-called mousetrap or clapper, one-way gate. When the parturition period on the farm is over, there will be no more need of it, gates of this fence will be open

Scratching nose is comfortable while the gate is open

Milking by hand

Milking using the milking machine

Every dairymaid has her favourite milch moose

A dairymaid with her favourite milch moose

Since the grass became abundant in the adjacent fields, males are free; but they come to eat oatmeal in the morning...

...and can spend the daytime in fences and show themselves to tourists. Visitors had a well-spent day

Art students sketching from nature

Moose antlers grow in velvet in summer, they are soft and warm. Dags can be cut every summer to make alcessin - a stimulator remedy analogous to pantocrin

So far this should be regarded as breaking of safety regulations: it is common known that moose are dangerous for children. But not here!  Now moose are well acquainted to children...

...and even to dogs

Young moose keep together and follow their herdsmen

Their first walk in the nature begins on June, 1

Some other domestic animals live free-ranging here, too. They also can find someone to follow

Every morning they return from the pasture...

...and wait for some milk replacer here

They like it

Hours of work: they must please tourists

a short period of rest

after the supper at 16:00 calves return to the pasture

These calves are 3 months old.

Under investigation. A free-ranging radio-tagged tame moose cow with calves.

Under investigation (continued): Students prefer to investigate the animal behavior in the natural environment

Under investigation (continued): Calves grow fast in summer

A domesticated moose must be patient

It is hot

It is too hot!

I hope, the transmitter is waterproof

This moose cow was named from the writer Edward Limonov and his newspaper "Limonka" (a kind of a hand grenade)

The legend says about the hoard at the end of the rainbow

What's happened?

Testing a satellite transceiver

This is the best shelter from gad-flies available only to domestic moose

Till the end of summer the calves will shed their red hair

The moose farm is a part of Sumarokovo reserved area; thus, sometimes you can meet wild animals

This fox cub sniffed my legs and lazily walked to a pile of branches in the enclosure. I couldn't move

How can the farm exist without a cat?