An imitation of an ancient Russian arc symbolizing the farm entrance and a "bar" for visitors

Snow and cold return to Kostroma fields very often in the early spring

Don't worry! Now the road is a little better than in 2013

Early spring is the only period while all the farm moose cows are prisoners in enclosures and must eat twigs only from this pile

Males keep them company, but only until green grass appears in the adjacent fields

In spring moose are shedding their hair, and like to be scratched. He will stand still as long as you are able to scratch him

They are waiting for labor to come

Walking along the fence usually means that very soon the cow will give birth

A competition

Several days before parturition: preparing to record fetal heart rates, cow's heart and respiration rates using radio telemetry

Just born

Mother and her newborn calf

Mother and her newborn calves

Mother and her newborn calves

She is licking her calf thoroughly

Dry already

Mother from the point of view of a calf

Mother's eye

The newborn calf is trying to get up for the first time

Trying to get up for the first time

His first steps

At the parturition place. The moose cow is not bothered by people and their activity

At the parturition place

At the parturition place. Yawning is only a sign of inessential hypoxia after labor

At the parturition place. The dairymaid is clipping hair around the udder

Recording electrocardiogram and respiration rate of the animals

Last minutes together. Calves and cows will be separated in several hours after parturition

One of the calves is just replaced with a milkmaid

A calf feels lost when no large animal is around

Following his "new mother"

Moose calves are "followers" (and sometimes "hiders", too)

Following another leader

First day of friendship

They will not spend much time on the grass

Calves are placed in cages for several days to prevent diseases

This calf has a normal body mass to survive

But this one weighed only 4.3 kg. He survived only thanks to human help

I am your new "mother", I'll feed you with milk

Visitors must not touch newborns until they are one month old. Photography - without restrictions

This calf is 2 weeks old

Life is quite merry here. A calf is playing


Sometimes calves sleep in a very discomfortable pose (from human's point of view)

Milk is coming!!

The last portion of milk

Mother doesn't check her calves very often

Under investigation. This moose cow was free-ranging and raised her calves in the natural environment. Using radio tags we could find them for scientific research.

Under investigation (continued)

Under investigation (continued)

Under investigation (continued). Mother usually "defends" her newborn calves against any other moose, but her last-year children want to stay near her, too. Perhaps they can't understand why their mother became so aggressive. See next photo.

Under investigation (continued). The attack. Mother shooing her last-year child away from the new ones.

Under investigation (continued): Undisturbed, but attentive

Milch moose in a typical landscape

Moose is a good background for a TV-show